Here are a random selection of unsolicited testimonials received so far during .

"I have purchased the Subliminal Power software and use it everyday. I LOVE IT. It's working wonders for me that I never thought possible. I am totally disabled with a chronic pain nerve disease called RSD/CRPS and have been treated by the number two specialist in the U.S. -- along with ALL his narcotics, spinal cord stimulators, intrathecial morphine pumps, nerve blocks, trigger point injectors, bier blocks and about a zillion other forms of treatment. He has failed to get my pain level down from a ten (and that's as high as you can go). I had this for five years -- pain so bad it's unbelievable. But after adding my own subliminal programs, I brought my pain level right down to a FIVE and CUT my narcotic use in half. But of course my doctor would never believe your program could have anything to do with it. I know better -- so THANK YOU. You may use any portion of this letter as a testimonial if you wish, or ask customers to e-mail me for more detail about how I survived my four story fall"
-- Fred Evan, evansfn2501 AT

"As an owner of your Subliminal Power software, I would like to say thanks for a fantastic product. I was so impressed by your software I recommended it throughout my followup course that clients receive when they purchase my software!"
-- Brian M. Ellsworth,

"Best Internet purchase I ever made. Thank you for helping to move me forward and change some of the habits I've been trying to break for years. You're right, this is a secret key... MY secret key, now!!"
-- Sallie Ann Ashmore, sallie@sal*******

"Not really a question, but a compliment. I have to say thank you -- since I bought your program, I've felt much better about myself, had less stress, and cut WAY back on my smoking. Thank you so much, and please keep up the good work"
-- Robert T. Smith, vexodin AT

"Love your updated new version, really works well. The new programs are excellent"
-- Neil Buckle, Waterford, Ireland

"I have a testimonial for you. The first day I used Subliminal Power, after just an hour one of the programs came to life on my way back home. I used the 'Laser Sharp Focus' program and it really sharpened my concentration. For example, when I was looking around... I saw people and things, but differently. I instantly absorbed what people were wearing, the colors they used, the newspaper they were carrying, the type of umbrella, the style of their handbag, everything. Amazing experience, thank you for the great software!"
Shamsul Akmal Ahmad, satria4878 AT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Great program, really does what it says on the tin. Thank you, Bradley Thompson, for bringing this little tool into reality. It's helped me tremendously!"
-- Timothy Schmidt, Co. Donegal, Ireland

"I am with you on the fact that this is a fantastic product! I installed it this morning before holding a presentation tonight. And do you know, for the first time I was NOT nervous and speaking so confidently. I'm so excited!"
Angela Caroscio, ang AT, Payneham, Australia

"You've changed my life around within days. I really love this kit. Thank you, Bradley Thompson, for releasing it to the world. AMAZING!"
-- Jennifer Lansbury,

"I just wanted to tell you I have been using the program since December - and it is doing wonders. I have been working on my mind for years and this is like the frosting on the cake."
-- Jan Hewes, hewesjk AT

"I'm so glad I bought this program! I have been actively using EFT and the Universal Law of Attraction techniques for the last year, with some success. This program has amplified my results 100+ fold. I tested it with an affirmation setup I created about housework, as I really needed to do a though job, but had not had the energy or inclination to do so in months, after a long illness. I did my e-mails and read all my group posts for an hour with the program running and when I got up from the computer I was singing and going about all those nasty household chores like it was heaven to be doing them. That sold me. I immediately did an affirmation series on health and my perfect weight. I lost 5 lbs this week with no problem or suffering. This is a major breakthrough for me! I joined as an affiliate and will soon develop a self help website to promote this."
-- Joy Sones, Kissimmee, FL, harley_roadangel AT

"Wow, I really love this program. Thank you!! The REAL difference between this and everything else I've tried is that you can feel the difference here coming from INSIDE... not outside! You've changed MY life. Thank you"
-- Kelly Mayes, Berks, UK

"I am seeing results already after only two days. The reason I say that is because I am generally negative about things in thoughts and otherwise. But that hasn't been the case lately, is it possible? Dang, cant wait to see what tomorrow brings!! You tell that Thompson fellow he is onto something. Glad I found you folks, I have been looking for quite some time for something to work on my subconscious without the loonnnngggg boring reading and sitting in strange position. Didn't work. But the subliminal power is doing it and FAST!! Feel free to use my testimonial if you wish. You would be crazy not too!!"
-- Charles Hendren, Benson, NC

"... I setup the program on Tuesday and forgot all about it. I've always been seriously afraid of public speaking and had a big presentation I had to host on Friday afternoon. I'd forgotten all about Subliminal Power by Friday. But instead of sticky hands and major nerves, I just realized I really wasn't afraid anymore. I delivered the best speech I've ever given and even had people belly-laughing. That makes me feel SO proud. You CURED my fear of speaking... now I'm going to work on my weight and charisma!"
-- John Batten, Rexburg, Idaho

"Not easily impressed, but this is one exciting program. It will NOT get uninstalled. Please keep me up-to-date with the latest news and your Add-On CD"
-- Craig Joseph, Bethesda, MD

"Brilliant, thank you for continuing to create free upgrades for your customers"
-- Heather Edwards, Sydney, NSW, Australia

"Subliminal Power has really helped me to lose weight. I no longer eat between meals and have used the Blast Depression session to overcome the bad feelings that originally drove me to eat in the first place. In combination with the Lose Weight program, this was absolute dynamic. The Your Personality program has been great too: it's helped me to develop my small talk, find new friends and to understand other people much better than ever before. Please use this as a testimonial!"
James Lindwedel, jlin******

"Excellent product, great support. My special thanks to Andrea for all her personal guidance. I placed my order twice accidentally and later messed up with my e-mail addresses. Not only did I get everything resolved in under an hour, you guys also answered my questions about the best settings for Subliminal Power. This isn't just service, it's super-service"
-- Bruce Bisette, Skokie, IL

"I've been a professional brain acceleration expert now for years, however I've never found ANYTHING that helps switch around your deep inner thoughts as quickly as Subliminal Power. I recommend this program to all of my clients. Excellent!"
-- Michael Masterman,

"Absolute best purchase this year. The doctors told me if I didn't stop smoking, I'd lose weight... ultimately! Funny guy! Using your program, I've not only managed to STOP smoking, I've also shed pounds. I don't know how it really works, but it really works"
-- Terence Shah, Harrow, London

"This is not a question, rather a statement. I have only had Subliminal Power four days. Wednesday, I was up early and cleaned out a whole room that I had put off for six months because of the amount of stuff in it. I did it all in less than 1 hour and was amazed at how effortless it was. I went jogging Thursday morning and to my surprise my normal four mile run turned into SIX MILES in an instant. When I finished, I felt as though primatine mist or something must have been in my lungs - because I was NOT out of breath at ANY point during the run. Wow. I'm AMAZED. How do you do it?"
-- Kevin Stevens, kcs890@yah**.com

"Excellent. I highly recommend this all of my clients for changing their lives in the quickest way possible. Just install on your computer, tick the programs you want to use, and you're done. I've worked in the self-development industry for 30 years, and this is one of the best self-change systems I've ever encountered."
-- Hale Carlton,

"I wanted to write you today to ask you to pass on my sincere thanks to the creators of Subliminal Power. I know that a project such as this must take a very large amount of time to complete and maintain, however I wanted you to know that a small group of five of us in the Women's Institute here are using it on a daily basis and seeing amazing results. Thank you!"
-- Stephanie Shaw, nottingh*******

"I have used this software for days... and it's fantastic! Fully customizable and the lucid dreaming module is great. After two days of using it, I can remember all my dreams vividly. If you want your boy to learn, put him to study in front of the computer and use statements like: I am very good at math, and so on. I thoroughly recommend this program"
-- Juan Buitrago, Wiltshire, UK

"I've been chosen to play the lead in our college crucible production of West Side Story. I'm playing Maria and had been having real trouble reaching those higher notes. I wanted to write and say your singing program on the Subliminal Power Add-On CD worked just wonders. This is amazing, I'm telling all of my non-singing friends about it. Thank you again, and to anyone that's thinking of buying Subliminal Power, DO IT -- because it really does work. Feel free to write to me or call me, I'll tell you myself!"
-- Steph Regis, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK

"Please IMMEDIATELY stop selling this to business people, I want it all to myself! I thought I'd let you know how I'm using Subliminal Power. I run my own media LLC here in the States and have been trying to formulate an advertising plan for the past couple of weeks. I'd forgotten I'd installed Subliminal Power a few weeks ago to help lose weight (which is working brilliantly, BTW!) - so I selected the creativity and business success programs, then forgot about it again. This morning, the SECOND I sat down at my PC, a million ideas rushed to my head and suddenly I knew everything I needed to do. I have the perfect advertising campaign in my head. Who needs employees when you've got this magic thing?"
-- Timothy McCarthy, Islamorada, FL

"I never ever write with 'testimonials,' but I really felt I had to this morning. I installed Subliminal Power a few days ago and have had... just SO MANY positive experience since, I can't get over it. It's like the program has made a million synchronicities happen for me, with no hard work from me. My mood has also improved and I just can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!"
-- Geoff Wiggins, Chicago, IL

"Power is something new to me and having had epilepsy for forty years, I started as suggested and just ticked two items. This was to start slowly and get used to it. I only used the program for a few minutes at first until I realised it was working. It felt strange so I paused, had a rest until I felt okay and have been using the program for longer sessions each day. It may take me a bit of time as I don't use the computer or program for long yet, but I must say after just the first one or two short sessions I felt I was making progress with the help of the program and I'm sure with gradual increase in use I will make a lot of progress!"
-- Peter Davies, tjd AT

"I run a northern radio station [name removed on request] and get so tired each day, and worried about the stresses of my schedules. A week ago I installed your program and I feel like telling you just how much of a difference it's made. I don't feel stressed anymore and it works perfectly, even with my old PC and cranky software. I'm even running one of your subliminal programs now for sleep reduction, so I can spend more time enjoying life as it's meant to be enjoyed!"
-- P**** Kn****, Oro Valley, AZ

"This is not a question, but rather praise for a program well written. I want to thank you and let you know that this program is fully appreciated! I love the fact that not only can I create my own personal programs relating to my work, but if my children are on my computer, a couple of clicks makes sure it is streamlined for them! It helps to enable them to achieve more at school, and have better self esteem.
It is easy and effortless to use and extremely effective. Again I thank you for this great program and the time you have given me to gush!"
-- Cynthia Durham, ketlian AT

"I've not always been the pure person I wanted to be, especially when it comes to alcohol and gambling. I've been in recovery now for a month (God Bless this city's resources!) and wanted you to know that your program put me on the track to success. I can feel a real difference in the way I look at things... even in the way I walk. Please tell your Bradley Thompson he's owed a big eat-everything meal next time he visits my state!"
-- Jon Corey, Nyack, NY

"Had great success when I first used this program three years ago. Revisiting it again now, with my free upgrade, I'm just 'gobsmacked' as my British boyfriend says. Fantastic job!!"
-- Angela Wright, Woodland, CA

"Please pass this message to Bradley Thompson. YOU DA MAN! I never thought it'd work, but I've used Subliminal Power over the past couple of weeks to help cure a very long-standing acne problem. Well, I can't believe the difference it's made -- my skin has improved beyond anything I could have hoped for. I still have a few weeks to go, but at this rate, my skin will be perfect by the end of the month"
-- Vivii Dior, Malaga, Spain

"Please use this as a testimonial! To anyone thinking about buying Subliminal Power, make sure you stop thinking and just purchase it. This tool has literally changed my life over the past six weeks. It's helped me lose a big pile of stubborn fat, become a more flirtatious young girl, and improve my public speaking skills... which, working in public relations, is pretty vital. Add this to your testimonials page, I'm proud to be a customer"
-- Jesse Harrison, Oxfordshire, UK

"My best score (not Olympic standard of course) has increased from 88/100 to 93/100 and I now average mid to high 80s rather than low 80s. The magnitude of this increase in such a short time (less than one month) is absolutely all down to Subliminal Power! Please fell free to use any or all of my comments in your publicity if you wish. Mr Thompson is revealing the power of the human subconscious to people who would probably never go to see a 'shrink' or a 'hypno', assuming that they could even afford it."
-- Derek Martyn, [email protected]*t

"Please publish this: if you want to improve your life without ANY effort, please try Subliminal Power. You cannot understand its power, until you've tried it and felt the change coming from the inside"
-- Harris Morrison, Upper Beeding, UK

"I work as a home trader Mum, staring at my two monitors all day, and often take time out to get into the mysterious 'zen' of trading. I used to meditate every morning in order to get into my "Zone" for the day, as a lot of traders do. Since using Subliminal Power, I don't even feel the need to do that anymore. With the right subliminal programs, I feel like I'm in what you call the "flow state" every single day. AND I have two monitors, so I'm getting double the power for my money! Can't tell you how much I love Sub-Power!!"
-- Lyn Plunkett, Middlesex, UK

"Wow, I've been using Subliminal Power for just over a day and I ALREADY feel like writing to provide good feedback. I can literally FEEL its effect on my body. I feel like I have so much more energy, passion and enthusiasm... and can feel it all working at a very deep level. I can tell this is going to become my number one self improvement tool!!"
-- Juliette Huber, Des Plaines, IL

"I've been trying to learn German now for over five months and always find myself struggling to find the motivation. I wrote a quick subliminal program to help drive my enthusiasm and improve my learning skills, and over the past three days, I've been learning like never before! I mean, I feel just so excited about sitting down and learning... thank you for making this happen for me"
-- Frank Cruickshank, South Essex, UK

"Guys, this is really amazing, powerful stuff. I've used your program so far to help improve my song writing skills, increase my IQ and become more confident around women. I'm not one to write in and tell someone "yeah, this is great" when it sucks. Your program is really great. It's like reprogramming your mind in a safe, honest, real way. Love it, keep it on!"
-- "Loving" Leo Louis, New York City, NY

"I'm a freelance writer and always in need of creativity. I can't live without it and often find myself struggling with writer's block. It's only been a week since I started using Subliminal Power, but my mind has been literally overflowing with new ideas.. plus, my writing has just flowed so perfectly since Subliminal Power has been installed on my PC. I can feel it coming from inside. This is NOT a coincidence!!"
-- Phil Freeman, Morley, Perth, Australia

"I've been using this to improve my "student" mathematics and, WOW, you guys have helped it. I used to be a very poor Sudoku player -- love it, but could never properly play it. Now I can handle even the difficult puzzles within a few minutes. As though everything has fallen into place. How do you do it??"
-- David Hagan, Stone Mountain, GA

"This is a great discovery. It should be installed on every PC, in every school in the country. I'm already using it with my children and have seen such as improvement in their homework results. Use this as a testimonial on your sales page -- this program will increase your skills dramatically and turn you into something of a super-human"
-- Rashid Mehta, Luton, Beds, UK

"Really noticed an improvement in my muscle mass, since I wrote my custom subliminal program. I've been working out the same, but it's like I'm on totally safe software-steroids! WITHOUT the nasty side effects!! I'm recoding my body in a very safe and sure way, and I really love it"
-- Mikey Bunton, Elma, WA

"Have used Subliminal Power so far to help improve my eyesight and lose excess weight, with actual noticeable results. The girls in our office have been asking what diet I'm taking. I just say I've been working out, or 'Atkins' -- yeah, right. I never thought a program like this could affect the physical body. I was wrong"
-- Jo Buckley, Greystones, Wicklow, Ireland

"This is a trick I found to amplify results: you can add it to your testimonial page. I use the Law of Attraction principles, but was 'stuck.' It has been mentioned to hold a positive thought and use emotion to amplify results. I experimented: I popped in a really happy music CD, a 50's Rockin Round The Clock one. It's playing in Windows Media Player, flashing kewl lights, very hypnotic. I set up some short positive affirmations in bold type at size 36 font to be centered on the screen. I set it at the highest visibility of the phrases. I also set it to flash every 5 seconds for 900 milliseconds. I also capitalized all the letters and added exclamation points. Then I devoted the time it took for four songs to play. I was clapping my hands... jamming to the music all happy inside while concentrating on the affirmations flashing. Now one of my affirmations was ... I LOVE TO WORKOUT! Before the first song was done, I was dragging out my gazelle and working out as I watched the screen and listened. I couldn't help myself, as the desire to workout was that great. This is the best I've felt inside and outside with using this program, and I've had it over a year. I've always had results, but this way of using it seems to have magnified things. I wanted to pass this on to others."
-- Joy Sones, harley_roadangel AT

"I've been in therapy here in NYC for the past eighteen months trying to smooth out some of my childhood issues [... customer goes on to discuss issues]. But since using Subliminal Power, I've made SO much progress. I actually stopped going to my therapist last week... I had an appointment and just didn't turn up. I realized what a waste of money it was!! You guys helped me to see the truth that's inside. Thanks for making Subliminal Power (I can type it but I still have problems saying it!)"
-- Becca McCall, New York City, NYC

"Quick, quick message -- THANK YOU!!! Super-super-super-shy guy, former ex-American student, here just wanted to make it heard that I JUST got a new date with someone HOT tonight because I used your special confidence-boosting session from Subliminal Power. YAY! Can't stop dancing with happiness at the freedom you've given me. I can FEEL the difference, literally FEEL IT"
-- Win Greig, 150087, Singapore

"Can't get over how effort-free Subliminal Power is. It's already worked for me on a number of private self improvement issues. It's like typing commands directly into your brain and just watching them happen... but easier! Thank you for your support"
-- Barry Holder, Brea, CA

"Thank you for your offer to help push through the order. I look forward to receiving it. You and all colleagues have been very helpful and pleasant to work with. I want you to know that I really appreciate that. Life is great, hope it is treating you well also."
-- Jon Ingles, Oxford, UK

"I have used this software and is fantastic, fully customizable and the Lucid Dream module is great after two days of using it I can remember my dreams very vividly. If you want your boy to learn put him to study in front of the computer and make your own statements like: I am very good at math and things like that. I recommend this program."
-- Lori Brillhart, review taken from Mindware

"I just wanted to tell you that my life has changed dramatically, since starting using your product several weeks ago. My intelligence has improved to the point I have laser sharp focus... I now know which direction my life is going in... And I am even looking at business ideas, something I would've never done before. This is only the beginning! I can definitely recommend you guys. You're great and I love you."
-- Philip Lavin, lavincool AT

"I have no questions, they were answered when I ordered Subliminal Power. My son is not the greatest student in the school by any stretch. He consistently fails to finish his assignments and receives lower than average marks for his lack of effort. I purchased Subliminal Power about a month and a half ago to run on our computers, because he uses them a lot. I used the Exam Success program and added my own affirmation program for him. He is 13 years old, but I don't think he really gets the concept of subliminal messaging. I added one affirmation that could prove to me that it was taking effect and that was "I look the teachers in the eye when they are talking" ...

"Well, just yesterday, one of his teachers phoned! That usually means to us, "Oh God, what now!" The teacher asked what we have been doing with Jon because he has been handing in his finished assignments, plus asking if he can go and get another assignment that not related to that class so he can work on it. The teacher was dumb founded. In fact the teacher said when he came back in the room she had the whole class applaud him for his work. He was so proud!! ...

"We asked that teacher and the other teachers, one question, and that was, "Does he look you in the eye while you are talking to him or the class?" They all replied, "Why yes he does!" When you look someone in the eye while they are talking it shows great respect for the person and shows you have an interest in what they want to say. I love that. I can't say enough about Subliminal Power and I just wanted you to know."
-- Kevin Uhrich, tanktown AT
-- Please note that Subliminal Power is not intended for use by those under 18

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